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Last of us

Recently i have just purchased the new game by naughty dog “Last of us” the third person rpg game this game takes place in new york,  a review on the game by me:

At the end of the day, one detail is all that matters about the The Last of Us: its single-player campaign. Naughty Dog has taken what it’s learnt from crafting the Uncharted franchise and spun that experience into a more down-to-earth, realistic adventure that shines with storytelling excellence, great combat, tense atmosphere and the highest quality in presentation, making The Last of Us one of Sony’s best exclusives for the PS3’s ever-growing library of great games.


this review by me is one I strongly agree with the game is a fantastic addition to the Sony exclusives the experience is so breath taking the graphics seem so realistic including all the blood and cut scenes, the hole story works well and has you on your toes the hole time. What I like most about this game is it emphasizes the fact it is a survival game by making you scavenger for ammunition and weapons, even when a new weapon is acquired you are not given a full round of ammunition like the Capcom series resident evil 6. In my opinion this is what resident evil should have been like, a mix of horror, survival and brutal violence instead of repetitive shoot and kill. The last of us isn’t your typical survival game: “shoot or be shot” this game has other elements and ways of killing the enemies and one of them is of course the mainstream shoot and kill, or you have a choice to be stealthy like Gotham’s dark knight and take each one of them out silently, im happy to see this game offers a variety in ways to play so personally I’m more of a fighting player but this game is my favorite rpg and would rate it 10/10 without a doubt 


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